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Prime Minister's Scholarship application form - Athlete

Before completing this application form, have you done the following?

  1. Contacted your National Sport Organisation (NSO) for its eligibility criteria and deadline date for receiving applications?
  2. Discussed your academic plans with your Coach/Performance Planner or Athlete Life Advisor?
  3. Calculated as accurately as possible your course fees including administration costs for the academic calendar year (if successful the amount granted to you for the year will not exceed $10,000, subject to the Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarship Programme Guide and available Scholarship funds each year).
  4. Sourced a sporting action photo to attach to your biography?

If you have all the information you require to complete this application, it should take approximately 30 minutes. The application must be completed in one session, partially completed applications will not be saved.

For more information about these requirements, download the sample application at the High Performance Sport section at

If you have any problems completing this application, please email

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